API Design For Functional Programmers

April 27th 2019 13:30 - 14:15
Summit 1
APIs are everywhere. The functions we write, the libraries we consume, even the way we model data. API design isn’t typically given much thought, but when viewed through a FP lens immediate and practical improvements can be made. This talk will teach various techniques for API and data model design.

Functional programming concepts extend beyond the functions we write. They extend to the application interfaces and data models we create too. How do you deliberately model your data and leverage the type system to eliminate bugs? How do you build a stateless API that is both readable and testable? Just how far can we take functional programming concepts in API design?

In this talk you’ll learn how to build robust APIs by applying algebraic types, you’ll understand when to use phantom/opaque types, and overall you’ll learn several techniques for eliminating impossible states from your functional interfaces and data models.
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Charlie Koster
Charlie is a Tech Lead and Engineer who enjoys finding and exploring disruptive ideas and technology ranging from Genetic Algorithms to Elm to Augmented Reality. Although skeptical about the latest tech fads he cares about simplicity and sustainability over the long term and he’s always on the looko...
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