Building Beautiful Systems with Layers, Elixir and OTP

April 27th 2019 15:30 - 16:15
Summit 1
Functional programmers often know just enough to be dangerous. What’s missing is a frank discussion about just how to build beautiful applications using functions.

In this session, you’ll learn to build beautiful systems with beautiful APIs that are concurrent, self healing and maintainable.

Based on the coming book Designing Systems with Elixir and OTP, this talk will help users understand how to take the next steps with functional programming. In it, we’ll cover the layers that make sense in Elixir, Erlang, Scala’s Akka and similar frameworks. The talk will show you how to (D)o (F)un (T)hings with (B)ig (L)oud (W)ildebeests.

Start with the right (D)ata
Surround it with a (F)unctional core
(T)est that core
Introduce a (B)oundary to isolate process machinery
Manage your (L)ifecycle
Summon (W)orkers

This tried and true technique illustrates a good layering system that beginners can remember, but can grow with experts to complex, nuanced functional applications.
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Bruce Tate
Bruce Tate is a mountain biker, climber, and father of two from Chattanooga. As the founder of, the computer language learning platform, he is responsible for building Elixir applications that reduce the friction related to programming language learning. His focus is using small productive t...
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