Practical Functional Programming in JavaScript

45 minutes
Summit 1
This talk will focus on breaking down the complexity of functional programming and it’s concepts through real-world examples from live applications. It will compare and contrast the benefits of functional programming vs imperative (procedural) programming and help to address the “why’s” of functional programming. Attendees will be introduced to the power of the concepts of functional programming and how they can add to their abilities as developers to reason about complex problems in small pieces and combine those pieces to achieve results with minimal code and maximum clarity. This talk is beginner-friendly and will use JavaScript as a familiar and common language as the medium. Take aways will include an introduction to building small functions with isolated functionality, gluing these functions together to achieve results, exposure to libraries, tools, tips and tricks that will allow even the most novice developer to begin to experiment with functional programming immediately.
Kevin Old avatar
Kevin Old
Kevin Old is a Front End Architect living White House, TN. He works for LifeWay Christian Resources building front ends using React, React Native and Electron. He’s a huge fan of coffee, micro-roasters and the entire ecosystem around single origin coffee. When he is not developing software he enjoys...
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