Zero to Functional, Concurrent, Distributed, Fault Tolerant Applications in Elixir, a Beginners Journey

45 minutes
Summit 1
Why learning Functional Programing in Elixir is a great place to start, and how you can use that knowledge to write an application coordinating work across multiple nodes in production with the OTP platform.

A year ago I sat in the audience at Lambda Squared 2018, having just finished a six month programming bootcamp, and was shown the Haskell implementation of a covariant functor and realized it was going to be a very long hour when I heard the speak say “I hope this is review”. A year of professional Elixir experience later I have learned a lot about being a developer, while learning Elixir, and how to code for concurrent, distributed, fault tolerant applications. I would like to give an overview of why functional languages, in particular Elixir, are a great place to start programing and how I used it to write an application to manage running Chrome across multiple nodes in a server cluster.
Christopher Miller
First time presenter and beginner programer excited about FP, working in Elixir
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