Let’s Letter Together :: 1:1 Sessions

29 Jul - 3 Aug 2018, Rungsted Kyst, Denmark

Want a lettering refresher prior to the conference or between activities? Take advantage of the opportunity for us to meet in person and let’s letter together!

Thanks for signing up for a customized 1:1 lettering lesson with me at EuViz2018!

If we have time prior to our session, I will send you a lettering self-assessment and ask you to send me samples of our work. That will help us make the most of our time together.

You will want to bring a sketchbook or handlettering learning pad and markers and anything you want to show, share or ask questions about. See you at EuViz!

Here’s how we make this happen:
* You pay $100USD through Conferize or paypal to heather@heathermartinez.com
* I will share my schedule with you and you choose a time (give at least 24 hours notice or find me at the conference to schedule an emergency lettering session).
* We will find an appropriate place to meet.
* Bring your favorite markers and I will bring mine!

Fine print/cancellation policy: By paying the $100USD, you agree to meet in person at Rungstedgaard on the agreed upon time. If for some reason your schedule changes and you cannot meet at the agreed upon time, you forfeit your opportunity to meet in person and we can meet up virtually following the conference. Don’t worry, we will still have fun lettering together!

To receive discounts on this an other online courses, please sign up for my enewsletter at www.LetsLetterTogether.com.

To sign up for Day 1 :: Level Up Your Lettering, Euviz, click here.

To sign up for Day 2 :: Practical Applications of Lettering for the Visual Practitioner, click here.

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Andi Roberts

freelance facilitator & coach
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Heather Martinez

Visual pracititioner, lettering artist, Visioneer-at-Large, Neuland Ambassador
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