Heather Martinez avatar

Heather Martinez

Visual pracititioner, lettering artist, Visioneer-at-Large, Neuland Ambassador
Jen Mein avatar

Jen Mein

Innovation Manager
Pamela Enz avatar

Pamela Enz

Chief Vision Officer, Organizational Development Trainer and Coach, Facilitator and Visual Harvester
Amy Sparks avatar

Amy Sparks

Graphic Recorder
Missing avatar

Sara Taylor

Leadership & Diversity Speaker, Author & Consultant Cultural Competence Thought Leader
Sook Ong avatar

Sook Ong




Tina Abert

Graphic Rcorder
Meg Knodl avatar

Meg Knodl

Facilitation Coordinator
Lauren Pareigat avatar

Lauren Pareigat

Giesla Hoelscher avatar

Giesla Hoelscher

Graphic Designer / Digital Collage Artist
Nelle Rhicard avatar

Nelle Rhicard

Stacie Renne avatar

Stacie Renne

Timothy Foss avatar

Timothy Foss

Lisa Troutman avatar

Lisa Troutman

Illustrator/Graphic Recorder
Alison Brueggemann avatar

Alison Brueggemann

Design Director
Emily Callaghan avatar

Emily Callaghan

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