M2M Innovation World Congress

Smart Services for Vertical Markets

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M2M Innovation World Congress 22-24 Sep 2014 Pharo Palace, Marseille, France
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Welcome to M2M Innovation World Congress!

At the intersection of new business models and technological innovation, M2M Innovation World Congress fosters exchanges of insights and best practices to achieve the full potential of M2M/IoT for enterprises.

Aimed both at M2M Industry players and their customers from verticals like Energy, Automotive, Banking, CE, etc., this conference and exhibition will explore the new ways to translate M2M technologies into vertical business needs through:

- High level insights rethinking ecosystems, Big Data, platforms, connectivity, security…

- Lessons sharing from Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Retail, Smart Home, Cars and Devices M2M implementations

- Discovery & experience through multiple hands-on, live demos, pre-arranged tours…

Held in conjunction with three other smart devices-related conferences within World Smart Week and the 50-booth "Smart Solutions Show", the Congress will also provide rich opportunities to network, share knowledge and develop business with 1700 expected participants overall.

After a successful first edition, which showed that the rethinking of architectures, ecosystems and business models have just begun, M2M Innovation World Congress 2014 keeps its targeted approach of M2M services. Focused on emerging business models, technologies and best practices, this conference & exhibition aims to give its participants new inspirations to innovate and setup business while meeting prominent figures both from M2M industry and verticals.

As seen in 2013, organizations are still looking for more innovative ways to harness ever-increasing amounts of data, to make better informed decisions, to create new sources of revenues through disruptive services, to build new business models… In reply, the full M2M value chain stakeholders are moving away from a technology-driven approach to put the business and user needs at the centre. One of the main themes of the 2014 Congress will be to translate core M2M technologies into vertical business needs.

The exhibition held alongside as well as the three other co-located events part of the "World Smart Week" event multiplies the opportunities of fruitful exchanges between participants.

CONFERENCE: let’s achieve the full potential of M2M!

The conference is the pivotal element of the Congress. To ensure high value content, its Program Committee selects the presentations that show innovation at all levels: the most inspiring business cases, the latest innovations unveiled, decrypting the ecosystems, sourcing new business opportunities, etc.

65+ speakers from Industry and Verticals are selected to provide:

- High level insights to rethink ecosystems, Big Data, platforms, connectivity, security…

- Lessons learned of the most inspiring M2M implementations for Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Retail, Smart Home & Smart Devices…

In addition to state-of-the-art contents, the good conference experience also relies on:

- 2.5-day packed agenda along two parallel tracks for tailored attendance

- Interactivity: panel discussions, focus group meetings…

- Live experience through exclusive tours, hands-on, demos…

SMART SOLUTIONS SHOW: proximity, Ubiquity, Identity & Security

For 2.5 days, from September 22 to 24, take the opportunity to source innovation, seek business and network with the market leaders and innovators that are building our "trusted mobile life". Held in the central and comfy Pharo Palace convention centre, the Smart Solutions Show will be the busy focal point of four global events: NFC World Congress, M2M Innovation World Congress, World e-ID Congress and Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum. This exhibition fosters value-added synergies between mobile proximity, e-ID, M2M and digital security markets: – 50 booths displaying new products, innovative solutions and expertise – Multiple live demos and parallel events The added audiences form an exceptional attendance of 1700 participants coming from the spearhead companies in these complementary markets.

NEW VENUE: The Pharo Palace, Marseille Provence

The Congress moves to Marseille, the second largest city in France and an essential destination for business and tourism. Nestled between sea and hills, Marseille combines the richness of a unique heritage, an intense cultural life and an exceptional location. The venue is the prestigious "Palais du Pharo" (Pharo Palace), a central venue which offers impressive views both on the Mediterranean Sea and Marseille’s Old Port.

About us

M2M Innovation World Congress is organized Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia, an independant ICT event organizer and ICT information services provider.

Organizations are looking for more innovative ways to harness ever-increasing amounts of data, to make better informed decisions, to create new sources of revenues through disruptive services, to build new business models…

For 2.5 days and along 12+ focus tracks, M2M Innovation World Congress conference aims to address these needs. 65+ eminent speakers from both the M2M/ IoT Industry and verticals will share their insights and best practices to innovate at all levels: the most inspiring business cases, the latest innovations unveiled, decrypting the ecosystems, sourcing new business opportunities, etc.

Among this year’s most challenging trends in applications, technologies and business models:


• Connected Life The tremendous opportunities of connecting Cities, Cars and Homes!

This multi-faceted key trend will benefit from two full-day tracks. A lot of innovation is taking place in smart cities, automotive and smart home/smart devices markets that are closely interrelated. As seen at the latest CES, connected homes and devices are gaining momentum while cars connectivity opens new opportunities.

• Utilities Moving from Smart Grids to consumer-driven demand management

A traditional M2M application, utilities management is evolving fast. The convergence of information and operational technology convergence leads to further intelligent applications that are changing people’s lives.

• Retail One of the fastest growing segment: innovation at all levels!

As M2M/IoT expands accross enterprises, the retail sector is indeed one of the most promising with an estimated 90 million POS terminals, ATMs, vending machines, parking meters and fare collection devices to tap into…


• Internet of Things Moving from vision to real business case

obile and Internet are ready to provide the ultimate common infrastructure for trillions of end points. Huge opportunities ahead for the enterprises and an urge to rethink M2M ecosystems, business models, technologies.

• M2M/ IoT Platforms More flexibility, openness, integration…

At the core of successful deployments, innovation in M2M/IoT platforms seeks fast and seamless end-to-end implementation while taking into account not only connectivity but also application and data management

• Big Data From data to actionable business information

M2M and all the more IoT change the way enterprises look at data. Beyond increased efficiency, they also start to consider big data as new revenue stream. It is time to adopt new tools to analyse the data and change business practices!

• M2M Security A top concern to be addressed at all steps

Held jointly with the co-located Chip-to-Cloud Security forum, this session will cover technologies, tools and best practices to ensure both customers privacy and end-to-end security.


- Scope of Smart Cities extended to Public Services

- More interactivity: panel discussions, focus group meetings…

- Joint sessions with co-located conferences

- New learning offers through educational trainings/ workshops

From: September 22, 2014 00:00
To: September 24, 2014 23:59

Pharo Palace, 58 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007, Marseille, France


Business, Technology


Big Data, ECOSYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES, M2M Security, M2M/ IoT Platforms



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