Management Consulting Essentials

In this workshop we will show you how to implement the Business Model as an independent management consultant.

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Management Consulting Essentials 30-31 Oct 2014 Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Today’s markets are not conquered with excellent consulting services, but with excellent consulting business models. Any independent management consultant has a business model, but the model is seldom robust and “excellent.”

The objective of the workshop “Management Consulting Essentials” is to help current and potential TBK Partners deliver genuine value to carefully selected clients against an equitable payment. The workshop will provide an opportunity to review and discuss the issues related to operating as “independent” management consultants serving the B2B software industry.

Since publishing the book “Business Model Generation” in 2010 Alexander Osterwalder has been setting the standards for what a business model is and what it takes to develop, document and test business models. Osterwalder’s Business Model framework is extremely lean and operational. It is designed to enable teams of people to execute projects based on a common perception of means and objectives (aligned).

However, adding yellow stickers to a poster on the wall doesn’t change the world.

In this workshop we will show you how to implement the Business Model as an independent management consultant.

The workshop offers dual value.

It is based on Osterwalder’s business model framework. After the workshop the attendees will be much better positioned to run a productive independent management consultant business AND will have achieved a Business Model master class type education target specifically the management consulting business.

This workshop is designed exclusively for independent management consultants serving the B2B software industry. The cases and examples used are exclusively from consulting for the B2B software industry. Where Osterwalder’s Master Classes have 80-100 attendees from all walks of life, this workshop has a maximum of 25 attendees who are all independent management consultants serving B2B software industry.

The workshop will provide frameworks and tools, which the attendees can implement immediately after returning from the workshop.

From: October 30, 2014 00:00
To: October 31, 2014 23:59

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Software, Business


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