Markhor - Pakistan's first wilderness based Youth Leadership Conference

3-6 Oct 2013 at Mukshpuri peak, Nathia gali, Pakistan, Pakistan

Education & Learning, Nature

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What you don’t learn in institutions, seminars, programs and books of hundred pages, you learn in the presence of nature, accepting wilderness as your mentor, experience as your guide, and infinity as your comfort zone.

In 2003, with this spirit, few men ventured in to the wild to design wilderness-based corporate leadership program in Pakistan. 10 years later, one of them, after surviving cancer and dedicating his life to youth empowerment, joined by many others in his quest, took the call of the wild to the most vital segment of Pakistan: the youth.

Youth Impact, a nationwide youth network born out of the need to develop youth as game changers for Pakistan and the wider world, launched wilderness based youth leadership programs for youth, on its journey to impact hundreds of souls from Gadani to Gilgit and the wider nation.

Continuing this tradition of pioneering, Markhor 2013 is born out of the need to re-define the idea of national youth gatherings, by taking them out of an indoor setting and into the richness of mountains and deserts. Leadership is not taught or inspired in this approach, it is lived by experience.

The idea of a Youth Conference has just been revamped, re-started, renewed and released. Welcome to Markhor 2013!

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To: October 06, 2013 23:59

Mukshpuri peak, Nathia gali, Pakistan, Pakistan


Education & Learning, Nature

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