MES & Process Minds 2014

Implementation | Global Roll-Out and Global Harmonisation | ROI | Business and Use Cases | MES & Serialisation | New Technologies

Computer Science, Education & Learning

MES & Process Minds 2014 22-23 Sep 2014 Maritim Proarte Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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Life sciences producers are faced with a multitude of new challenges. Economic pressures like globalisation, litigation and government mandated pricing threaten operating margins, while an ever-changing regulatory environment makes it harder to stay compliant. Additionally, new scientific bases for innovative products increase the complexity of manufacturing.

Using Manufacturing Execution Systems, means facing these challenges successfully. Manufacturing shop floor information is visible in the boardroom on a real time, or near real time basis to enable informed decision-making throughout the supply chain. An MES facilitates requirements for processes such as batch records, validation and reporting.

Understanding the process is the key for managing these challenges and for building an efficient pharmaceutical production. Manufacturers will have to turn to fully integrated IT solutions to achieve operational excellence.

The MES & Process Minds 2014 will discuss challenges and solutions in managing MES for pharma & life sciences industry with peers from all over the world. With over 120 of the leading opinion makers, the MES & Process Minds 2014 will be the definitive event for the industry.

What Can You Expect @ we.CONECT?

COMMUNITY: The MES & Process Minds is the only European community-, business & conference platform that targets manufacturing-, IT-, engineering-, process management-, & MES leaders from all around the globe and which focuses on industries such as Pharma, Biotech, Life Science, Medical Devices and Chemicals.

DELEGATES: 120+ senior level executives, board-level attendees & leading professionals from within all industries and more than 20 countries worldwide discuss challenges and solutions of cutting edge MES & IT manufacturing technologies, trends and best practice innovations.

SPEAKERS & MODERATORS: 25+ pioneers & leaders will share their experiences and present their best practices of MES best in class projects and project execution.

NETWORKING: Multiple opportunities for networking where you will meet and greet those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and social setting.

SESSIONS: 30+ innovative & interactive sessions ensure that all key topics are covered / 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from process industries from across the globe.

FORMAT: More than 15 Case Studies and at least 12 interactive sessions like the unique we.CONECT World Café Session, our Icebreaker and Challenge Your Peers Roundtables with cutting edge topics.

If you´re looking for new inspiration, innovative approaches and best practices on how to manage & optimize your MES platforms, you should not miss this out!

We look forward to welcoming you to the MES & Process Minds in 2014!

Your we.CONECT team


Sustainable Strategies for Improving Efficiency, Productivity and Compliance by Implementing Comprehensive Manufacturing Execution Systems

Strategies and criteria for the selection of MES, technical and organisational requirements for MES and selection of appropriate systems

Distributed systems from the perspective of global harmonisation (in decentralized locations)

Global roll-out of a MES and combination with serialization

Achieving a ROI, minimizing the costs and boosting the benefits of a MES

Developing use and business cases and comparing them with the outcome

Project execution management

How to develop and implement an effective performance management

MES & human error: minimizing human error to guarantee the best possible production

New Technologies & IT Infrastructure Challenges

Mobile Devices and Usage of other new technologies for MES

Challenges of vertical integration of MES (SAP – MES – DCS)

MES Implementation for Saving Energy at the Plant Floor - With descriptive real-time and detailed information from production, making business processes faster and more flexible

Batch record standardisation: paper and paperless documentation

Upgrading and migration: Reaching the next level of MES without difficulties on the production level

MES Infrastructure for cloud computing and problems of IT security

MES and track & trace - an approach to added-value integration

Extend MES functionality by integrating MES (Level 3) to a lower level batch control system (Level 2)

Implementation of labeling process in an automated environment: How to integrate functions among systems and qualify their interfaces

Optimization of Production Processes by System Applications and Modifications on the Business Level & Integration of SAP / ERP Business Systems with Applications in Production Control

Cost management and effectiveness analysis for MES Projects

Serialisation requirements for MES

Compliant documentation, regulatory guidance and quality assurance for manufacturing excellence / MES as the bridge to achieve PAT and QbD

MES requirements for a highly flexible manufacturing

Process understanding to maximize the utility of MES

Evaluate available MES systems and vendor capabilities and develop a strategy for deployment