MLi Group's Global Seismic Internet Change Summit Series – Middle East & Africa Edition: Beirut, August 2014

2014 will witness the biggest ever global change to the Internet infrastructure since its creation decades ago which will revolutionize the way all stakeholders including consumers and citizens...

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2014 will witness the biggest ever global change to the Internet infrastructure since its creation decades ago which will revolutionize the way all stakeholders including consumers and citizens will use the Internet locally and globally; two certainties are guaranteed:

The change will impact all.

The speed of change will not be kind to those who sit back and idly watch.

If you are a government leader, a regulatory body, a service provider, a business innovator, a brand owner, a start-up business, an entrepreneur, a futurist, an academic or an end user from anywhere in the world, attend The Multilingual Internet Group's (MLi Group) GLOBAL SEISMIC INTERNET CHANGE SUMMIT SERIES 2014, in Beirut, Lebanon August, 2014..

Join us to get ready for this seismic change to the global Internet and the birth of the New Multilingual Internet Ecosystem and learn how to increase your awareness and preparedness of the ripples of these global changes that will alter the internet landscape and its usability locally and globally.


Attached exhibition and B2B facilitation to the summit are designed to bring in front of business and governments leaders, innovative corporations & entrepreneurs with great new business potential created by the new dynamics of the New Multilingual Internet Ecosystem.

A platform created by the Summit’s organizers to share & promote your business portfolio, solutions, and transfer business knowledge to all stakeholders.


Today, half of the world’s Internet users are in Asia;

The next Multi-Billion Internet users will not come from the west but from the emerging economies;

Emerging markets need to proactively re-assess/revise their current strategic & core operating plans vis-à-vis this new Multilingual Internet Ecosystem;

Get thought leaders about the existing business and growth potential in the emerging markets;

Learn about what others are doing in the new Internet Ecosystem;

Listen to unpublished recent market research and high level findings on the Internet usability conducted by the MLi Group in key emerging markets.

The Change will Impact All…!

ATTEND VIA LIVE STREAM: It is a live stream summit where you can attend virtually and contribute in the Summit. All what you need is an internet signal and a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone to engage the discussion, contact us to book your session.

BOOK YOUR EXHIBITION SPACE: Limited Exhibition spaces are available, where you can have the opportunity and exposure to share your know-how and solutions with all stakeholders participating in the Summit

B2B FACILITATION: In a changing world, new business challenges will be arisen, needless to say that face to face talk and discussion is still very effective regardless of the communications and channeling platforms. Contact us now to book your space and satisfy your B2B needs.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Create the buzz; engage with social media, where you can share your thought and new idea about the seismic global change of the internet live with others.

NETWORKING: Learn more about the business potential in the emerging markets created by the global change of the internet industry. Be one of hundreds of internet industry leaders who are taking part of the exhibition attached to the Summit, and let people know about your potential, services and products that can help them in transforming to smart business solutions.

WHY LEBANON? Beirut, Lebanon has been chosen, as a venue for the Multilingual Internet (MLi) Group’s GLOBAL SEISMIC INTERNET CHANGE SUMMIT SERIES 2014 – Middle East and Africa Edition, as this superb cosmopolitan city enjoys many comparative advantages that mainly derive from:

Its strategic geographical location in the Levant as the gateway to the East and the West;

Its diversity and its model for successful entrepreneurship;

Its good relations with all Arab, European, Asian and African countries;

Its favorable business climate and liberal economy that supports environment for business prosperity;

Its famous culinary & Mediterranean climate which makes a must “go to” destination;

From: August 12, 2014 08:30
To: August 14, 2014 18:00

Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon


Internet, Business

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