MobileWeek 2015 - NYC

17-23 Apr 2015, New York, United States

MobileWeek NYC 2015 Coding Challenge: April 18-19, 2015

MobileWeek NYC 2015 Conference & Expo: April 20, 2015

Ricardo Alcocer


I write code, eat bacon, teach courses, drink beer, write stuff, speak in public, play guitar and perform card magic. I tweet in Spanish and English.

Chris Beauchamp


Mobile Engineer and Evangelist at Kii

Heiko Behrens


founder and CEO of @BeamApp, is involved with open source software development, and has a private life, too ;)

Matthew Bischoff


I work on the @nytimes iOS apps and build @quotebookapp with my friends at @lickability.

“Gentleman from the internet.” — @hotdogsladies

I ♥ @crystallized.

Raashi Bhalla

Raashi Bhalla


St. Louisan living in New York, loving strategy & social media.

Dan Boutin


Sales-Southeast, SOASTA. Avid Florida Gator, Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots & Celtics fan. Ex-college hockey coach, player, official. Avid Cyclist.


Amabel 714

Smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets, and Wearables are the fastest growing area of technology innovation. MobileWeek NYC 2015, April 17-23, 2015, is the conference, hackathon, and week-long series of events across New York City where the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives master the skills behind the mobile revolution.

Mobile + Device development is the enabler of a connected life. We are facing the second generation of mobile technology, where smart phones and devices are more than just an extension of the desktop web - they are creating new touchpoints across health, communication, entertainment, business, and technology. Smart phones and devices are not “the new desktop”, they are a new way to live and work.

MobileWeek Topics

MobileWeek will cover dozens of topics in the mobile technology space including Mobile Dev, Mobile App Strategy, and all many of the topics below:

Mobile Development
Native and Cross-Platform Coding
HTML 5 + Javascript for Multi-Screen Design
Mobile Analytics & API’s
Building Real-Time / Streaming Media

Mobile App Monetization
Mobile Ad Networks
Payment Processing Gateways
Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile Verticals
Mobile Health + Fitness
Mobile Education + E-Learning
Mobile Productivity
Mobile Entertainment + Media

Mobile Startup Strategy
Raising Funds + Building a Team
Launching in App Marketplaces
Marketing your App

Mobile Marketing
Texting and Messaging
Mobile Content Marketing
Mobile Social Media

Tablets Platforms + Technologies
Television Platforms + Technologies
Wearables + Monitors

Emerging Technologies
Augmented Reality
3D Controllers

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