Mobility & Modern Web Conference 2014

The second annual Mobility and Modern Web Conference will take place September 17-19 2014 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Presented by the UCLA Office of Information Technology, in...

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Mobility & Modern Web Conference 2014 17-19 Sep 2014 UCLA, Los Angeles, United States
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The second annual Mobility and Modern Web Conference will take place September 17-19 2014 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Presented by the UCLA Office of Information Technology, in association with higher ed and corporate partners, it will feature two days of exciting sessions, followed by a day of hands-on workshops, covering the latest trends of the modern web, including modern web technologies, interoperability, data collection and gamification.

Why Attend?

This conference is about you!

An opportunity for the men and women of the mobile and modern web to meet and get to know each other. Smart is the new cool. Don't miss the event that celebrates you!

Meet people, network, build your team and get involved

Get to know your fellow developers, educators and researchers and build a team of mobile enthusiasts around your project. Take a moment to get involved in the technology community that you are passionate about.

Bring your app ideas, challenges and dreams

Come with your BIG Ideas and see how a community can help you make your dreams into new mobile solutions

Learn about mobile pilots and gamification strategies

Learn about Mobile pilots happening at LAUSD and gamification strategies from researchers from the Mobilize Project and UCLA's CRESST

Solve your accessibility and usability challenges

Learn how your peers are tackling tough issues around accessibility and usability while building full-featured mobile and responsive experiences. Bring your own challenges to workshops with specialists in the field.

Dig into standards for the web and education

Learn about IT standards for the Web (W3C, IETF) and Education (IMS Global) along with tools and techniques that can get you moving forward in an interoperable world.

Learn how to create your own app storefront

Come and discover how the open source app protocol and implementation of CASA enables you to set up your own app storefront. Use CASA to connect your app to reach larger and niched audiences.

Re-envision your web strategy with mobility and responsiveness

Lead your organization into the next generation of mobility and responsive design space with sessions that will help you decide when to use which strategy and how to leverage existing tools and deploy them in concert.

Develop new tech skills

Pull a repo for a cool mobile web framework, native code generator or responsive design toolkit discussed during the conference, and start hacking on it! If you get stuck or want to go deeper, join us for a day of hands-on workshops.

Hone your process with the best of them

Hear how other developers are leveraging SASS, Grunt, WebBlocks, Bower and GitHub along with other tools to manage their process, achieve high productivity, and work as virtual and collaborative communities.

Program Areas
Modern Web

An ecosystem of expressive semantics, beautiful interfaces and rich interactivity, the modern web is robust and evolving. Sessions in this area will explore modern web standards including HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript and associated APIs, as well as delve into topics such as mobile & responsive design, offline apps, web graphics and the mechanics behind browser engines and networking.


In an ever-connected world, new strategies are needed for improving data access and system interoperability. Sessions in this area will discuss API design practices, the semantic web and microdata, accessibility with HTML 5 and ARIA, and standards such as LTI, PWA and CASA.

Data Collection

Mobile, tablet and wearable computing has created new models and opportunities for data collection. Sessions in this area will discuss how educators, researchers and others are leveraging these mediums to improve participation and interaction.


No longer just a pastime, games have become an integral way to connect, engage and immerse. Sessions in this area will explore mobile and modern web technologies that enable this growing field, as well as delve into the strategies for using games to better achieve learning, research and business outcomes.

With Topics Including...

HTML 5 CSS 3 CSS Compilers CSS 4 Javascript Javascript Frameworks and Tools Web‑based Mobile Apps Native Mobile Apps Hybrid Mobile Apps Responsive Design Web Media User Experience Design Front‑end Testing Web Performance Offline Web Applications Semantic Web Accessible Web Game Design & Mechanics Browser‑based Graphics Browser‑side Networking Interoperability Standards Analytics and Data Analysis