MODX Weekend

MODX. September 19-22. 20 Sessions. All-inclusive.

Computer Science, Technology

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What do you want to learn about MODX?

This year's MODX Weekend includes 20 sessions from an international group of great speakers. There are speakers you may remember from last years MODXpo in Cologne like Chris Cherrett and Menno Pietersen, but also people from outside the MODX Community like Vasilis van Gemert. Representing the MODX Team as one of the core developers, John "theboxer" Peca will also take the stage.

The subjects vary greatly, from talks about running a business and how to pitch MODX to your clients, to building sites with ContentBlocks and how to speed up sites by looking at what MySQL is doing. But also Git, building sites with tools like Gulp, Sass and Browser-Sync and how certain tools can simplify your site setups. Looking for more developer-y sessions? We have you covered too, with sessions about ExtJS, Component Development and MODX as a Framework.


modmore is a collection of various initiatives and tools to help make the job of MODX and MODXers worldwide easier and more fun. The primary initiative is the one of Premium Extras, but in the future you will see more and completely different ways we want to help you, such as short books and various services that make you look smarter.

At the core of modmore is also a strong relationship with the team at MODX. We donate 10% of every sale to the MODX Open Source project, regularly assist the team with development work and we help improve the core of MODX Revolution.

Premium Extras

While we're committed to Open Source, it can be difficult for developers to turn open source into a sustainable business. That's where, with Premium Extras, we try to make a difference. We're starting small, with only a few Extras available, but our promise to you will remain the same: awesome extras, with great documentation and support by developers who know what they're talking about.