Music 4.5: Music & Sports

Music & Sports – united moments of joy need new revenue streams

29 Apr 2014 at 5 Chancery Ln, Clifford's Inn Passage, United Kingdom

Internet, Technology

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The objective of the Music 4.5 seminar focused on Music & Sports is to discuss and explore how the two industries are reacting to disruptive innovation in technology. How they are exploiting - or not yet - the changing modes of consumption of digital and live content, as well as merchandise and associated products.

We aim to examine how the music and sports industries are re-thinking their business models, their current digital and rights infrastructure. And, we'll investigate to what degree they monetise fans, audiences and content in multi-layered ways.

Event synopsis:
Music and sports both have at their core a focus on the experiential and shared emotions, deriving revenue from live performances, fan clubs, super-fans, merchandising, ticketing, broadcast and video.

The traditional music industry has been rocked by online piracy, peer-to-peer sharing, UGC, and new forms of online businesses delivering music. What are the online businesses that rock the sports industry?

The experience of live music is seen as a revenue generator, at least for some artists, but the live broadcast or music video business model is still in development. Meanwhile, for the live sports experience the cost of broadcast rights are rocketing yet live sports coverage is less pirateable than music. It also loses some of its value once it is no longer live contrary to music.

Both the sports and the music industry seek to protect their rights, reduce and control piracy, and both worry about putting their valuable property online without the tools for rightsholders to monetise it, and quickly identify illegally uploaded content and have it taken down.

Both industries need to diversify and increase their revenue streams – how differently are they going about this and what role does technology innovation have both as a disruptor and a means to monetise?

What can the music industry learn from the sports industry and vice versa?

From: April 29, 2014 14:00
To: April 29, 2014 18:00

5 Chancery Ln, 5 Chancery Ln, EC4A 1BL, Clifford's Inn Passage, United Kingdom


Internet, Technology