Music 4.5 - Smart Radio 3

Smart Radio - Beyond Playlists & Promoting the Future

23 Sep 2014 at Lewis Silkin LLP, Clifford's Inn Passage, United Kingdom

Music, Technology

Music 4.5 - Smart Radio 3 23 Sep 2014 Lewis Silkin LLP, Clifford's Inn Passage, United Kingdom
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Three years ago, Music 4.5 held its first Smart Radio seminar gathering industry people and disruptors in a room to discuss streaming music and radio business models. The lively discussions haven't stopped since, and we are now preparing, for the third year running, a Smart Radio seminar this time focused on the current debate of revenue generation, music sales and promotion in 'the age of the playlist'.

"...with a few exceptions, albums are edging closer to extinction. Playlists are the future." George Ergatoudis, BBC

Traditional radio is finding itself in a consolidated landscape where, faced with the increasing expansion of streaming services, the main route to growth is to innovate, developing new business models and new technologies.

Streaming services are looking more and more like radio with a "richer suite of lean-back, programmed and semi-programmed experiences"[1].

While it is agreed that streaming drives music discovery and consumption, what does it do for music sales? Are we witnessing the death of the album, cannibalised by playlists and 'free music'?

Whilst radio has long been the biggest promotional media for new music, in the streaming world, what works for the record companies and artists in "the age of the playlist"[2]?

Speakers include:
Mark Bennett/Cathal Naughton, blinkbox music
Simon Cole, 7digital
Cliff Fluet, Lewis Silkin/Eleven
Cait O'Riordan, Shazam
Nikhil Shah, Mixcloud

Topics for discussion:
Internet streaming and the digital strategy of radio broadcasters
Music to the mass-market
The future of DJ-ing
The Next 5 years of dynamic content
Streaming is looking more and more like radio
Playlists are the future
Audience passion measured with 'the most reliable new data source of recent times'
The role of promotion - if the end-result isn't someone buying?
The numbers game: 1.5 billion playlists and 1.4 million albums on Spotify
The age of the playlist


[1] MusicIndustryBlog, Mark Mulligan
[2] MusicIndustryBlog, Mark Mulligan

From: September 23, 2014 14:00
To: September 23, 2014 18:00

Lewis Silkin LLP, 5 Chancery Ln, EC4A 1BL, Clifford's Inn Passage, United Kingdom


Music, Technology

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