Neurological Disorders

October 1st 2018 09:00 - 09:30

Dr Jo Ferrie is a sociologist based at the University of Glasgow. She has worked within the Disability Studies field for 15 years, examining the socially constructed barriers that turn impairment into disability, with the aim of removing these barriers. In 2013, Jo published with Philly Robertson-Reick and Nick Watson the largest global qualitative study of the experience of living with motor neurone disease She joined the Euan MacDonald Centre as a PI in 2012, and worked on a number of projects with them, MND Scotland, & the Anne Rowling Clinic to further understand the impact of neurological conditions on people and their families. Jo is also Director of Glasgow Q-Step (a £3 million Centre to create a step change in how social science graduates use and understand quantitative data) and is seconded to the University of Edinburgh as Deputy Director – Training of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences.


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