The first thing your attendees will read on your website. Wow. 29th International Conference on Insights in Ophthalmology

We would like to invite you to the the 29th International Conference on Insights in Ophthalmology” during June 17-18, 2020 | London, UK. The theme of the conference is Visualizing Innovation in Ophthalmology.”
Conference Details: To Submit abstract, to register or for more details of the conference please have a glance on our website:
Session tracks:

Track 1:Ophthalmology
Track 2:Glaucoma: A Vision Loss
Track 3:Retina And Retinal Detachment
Track 4:Cornea Disorders and Treatments
Track 5:Ocular Oncology
Track 6:Cataract
Track 7:Macular Degeneration
Track 8:Pediatric Ophthalmology
Track 9:Dry Eye & Low Vision
Track 10:Eye tumors
Track 11:Neuro - Ophthalmology
Track 12:Ophthalmology surgery
Track 13:Diabetic Retinopathy
Track 14:Thyroid Eye Disease (TED or Graves Eye Disease)
Track 15:Diagnostic & Therapeutic Instruments used in Optometry and Ophthalmology
Track 16:Medicine in Ophthalmology
Track 17:Ophthalmic Genetics and Gene Therapy
Track 18:Refractive Surgery
Track 19:Strabismus
Track 20:Uveitis

With Regards,
Jessica Jones
Conference Manager | Ophthalmology Summit 2020 | London, UK
M: + 44-1863-440024

Date and time
17-18 June 2020
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