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Conferize works for all types of professional events.

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Free up to 100 people

Your basic needs

  • Event page or website
  • Social networking
  • Content sharing
  • Branding


$ 499 / event

Start your community

  • Basic features
  • Unlimited community
  • Customization
  • Livestreaming


$ 3599 / event


  • Partner features
  • Sponsorship package
  • Personal account manager

Got special needs? Tailor Conferize to match your specific needs or run multiple events. Get in touch

Questions about pricing

What happens when my free community reaches 100?

If you are on the Basic plan, we’ll simply ask you to upgrade to a paid plan. All paid plans includes unlimited community.

Do I need additional web-hosting?

No, Conferize will automatically take care of all hosting needs, also when using a custom domain.

Do you have plans for free-to-attend events?

We love to support free events. Please submit your event with the Basic plan and continue using Conferize, even when you grow beyond 100 people in your community. You can still upgrade to any of the paid plans if/when you need.

How do I sign up?

You can start using Conferize right now, just click Get Started. You’ll be asked to create a free Conferize account before you can submit your event.

How are your contracts structure?

We charge per event.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can easily upgrade as your event grows.

More questions?

Visit our Support Center to contact our support team. Or get in touch with our friendly support team.


Basic features

All the essentials you need to run a modern event with social networking and content sharing. Set up your stunning and secure event page in minutes. It just works out of the box, even with your own custom domain.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite

Event page or Website

We offer your very own event page where your community and content lives. It’s by far the easiest and most dynamic way to get your event online. Or use it as a state-of-the-art website with your own domain. We support HTTPS to offer market leading security.

Social networking

Your event page is social, which mean people can follow and engage with your event before, during and after. It’s perfect for your attendees to find each other and set up meetings, or catch up after the event. In the Basic plan you can freely grow your community up to 100 people. All other plans come with unlimited community.

Content sharing

We automatically collect shared media and content from you, your speakers and your community. We even find additional content from the most popular online platforms via your hashtag. All content is available from your Media page: video, images, presentations and papers.

A live media widget can be embedded on your website or shown in full screen mode on a large screen at your event.


Add your own logo and graphics to make your event stand out and match your brand.

Ad free

Conferize makes you look your very best. With any of the paid plans we’ll make your event look professional without any ads or related events on your event page.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite

Unlimited social community

Turn visitors into followers and build an unlimited community for your event. Invite speakers, attendees and online followers (leads) to network–before, during and after. Followers will automatically receive email updates about relevant activity in your community.j

Members of the community can find each other by searching for common interests, title, location etc. and get in touch to meet and do business together. They can also access interesting media and conversations, or share their knowledge around ‘Burning questions’.

All activity happens in real time and is stored to kickstart even more dialogue. We also capture leads and content from other platforms, such as Twitter, whenever your hashtag is used. If you’re running an event series you can easily migrate your community to future events.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite

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No two events are alike which is why we’re offering powerful customization features. Add a welcome message on your event page where text, images and rich media can be included.

You can also set up additional custom pages, e.g. with information on Venue or Accommodation. It’s the perfect and flexible solution especially when you are using your event page as your go-to website.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite


Video livestreaming

Feature your video livestream prominently on your event page to drive additional people from the Conferize platform to discover your event.

Your event page works with any livestreaming service. It’s one of the most engaging ways to wow an online audience so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite


Marketing solution

Feature your event on the most popular Conferize pages: the search page, all users’ home page, and thousands of related event pages on Conferize. Your event will also be highlighted in relevant email digests sent out regularly to thousands of users of Conferize. And whenever something interesting happens at your event, the buzz ripples out throughout the Conferize platform.

Keep track of your success with our analytics tools, where we also give you access the people most highly likely to buy a ticket. Pretty cool, huh?

Included with BasicProPartnerElite

Marketing solution

Sponsor solution

Go beyond the logo with a personal representative for each of your sponsors, partners or exhibitors. This connects them with your community where they can reach buyers–before, during and after your event. Your full community grows 5-10 times bigger than your attending audience and now you can resell the added value to your sponsors.

We make it a breeze to manage your sponsors. Add any number of categories, such as Platinum, Gold, Media, etc. Or add a call for sponsors. When you’re happy with your sponsor list you can even embed on your website or blog feature your sponsors.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite

Sponsor list Sponsor slider

Personal account manager

We know most event organizers are busy and sometimes understaffed. Why not include one of our highly skilled specialists as a member of your team? We advise you on the best digital event strategy and help you get the most value from Conferize.

It’s the perfect solution both for enterprise clients who run high-volume events or many consecutive events, as well as medium sized events with limited staff who can use an extra pair of hands.

Included with BasicProPartnerElite


Committed to true return of investment

At Conferize we've been in touch with thousands of event organizers. That's why we know our unique solutions deliver true value. Everything we do is committed to making your events even greater.

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