Our Voice Southwark

Our Voice Southwark

A youth led community safety conference

This year, the Southwark Youth Council are hosting the first Southwark
Youth Voice conference on Wednesday 16...

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Our Voice Southwark

A youth led community safety conference

This year, the Southwark Youth Council are hosting the first Southwark
Youth Voice conference on Wednesday 16 July at the Keyworth Centre,
London Southbank University from 10.00am to 4.30pm.

There will be 200 young people, aged 13 – 19, from across the borough
taking part in creative and informative workshops to discuss 5
Community Safety topics. These topics have been chosen by Southwark
Youth Council and based on a consultation run with 3000 young people.

Event themes discussed at the conference:

Substance misuse

Lack of opportunities for young people - nothing to do, no where to go

Equal opportunities for all - focusing on disadvantaged groups including,
single parent families

Negative perception of young people by adults

Anti-social behaviour

Aims of the conference are for 200 young people to:

Take part in creative themed workshops

Represent their school or youth group

Question key Councillors and decision makers on service design,

Be seen as the experts and be empowered to influence decisions delivery
and development and decision makers

Outcomes of the conference will be:

Film, photos and social media streams to evidence the day

A manifesto for the youth council – a mandate to scrutinise!

A Community Safety Charter for decision makers to action.

A Southwark Youth Voice Charter for youth work professionals.

A map of youth and student voice structures in the borough teachers

The four parts of the event

1. Pre conference: young people will use focus groups, assemblies and
notice boards to consult their peers on Community Safety. This
information will help prepare them for this conference, and ensure they
are representing the views of other young people, not just their own.

2. The first half of the event sees young people exploring these topics
through creative workshops, for example: spoken word, theatre, street art,
film, graphic design, manga art and junk art. They will also design
questions to put forward to decision makers, and produce a youth voice
product they can show to their school or youth group.

3. In the second half of the event, young people, Councillors and decision
makers will take part in a speed questioning activity. Young people will put
forward their ideas and questions to decision makers to influence and
help solve problems in their community.

4. Post conference: Councillors and decision makers will be invited to
respond to young people’s ideas and questions. We will ask them to
make pledges as a direct result of taking part in Youth Voice. The
Southwark Youth Council will then scrutinise these pledges and support

their implementation. Young people will report back to their school on the
outcomes of the day, using the film, photos, and the pledges from
decision makers. The day will be filmed and photographed to support
future work, share best practice and record the day. Each school will have
a copy of the film and pledges made by decision makers. They will use this
to report back to their school on what Southwark are doing for young

What’s in it for young people?


Have their views heard and listened to.

Meet new people.

Take part in creative workshops.

Question key decision makers that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Develop key skills in communication, confidence, representation and

What’s in it for schools and youth organisations?

A chance to empower young people in influencing real community change

The opportunity for adult professionals to share best practice and
network across Southwark

The chance for young people to develop key skills in communication,
confidence, representation and teamwork

Supporting schools and youth organisations to improve their school
councils/ youth forums and other youth participation structures

From: July 16, 2014 10:00
To: July 16, 2014 16:30

Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University, Keyworth Street, SE1 6NG, Southwark, United Kingdom


Education & Learning, Society


Anti-social behaviour, School Or Youth group, Substance misuse



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