PAR International Leadership Conference - PILC 2015

A place where current and future leaders meet to discuss new ideas and challenge each other in the international arena

11-13 Mar 2015 at Opatija, Opatija, Croatia

Business, Management

PAR International Leadership Conference - PILC 2015 11-13 Mar 2015 Opatija, Opatija, Croatia
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PAR International Leadership Conference (PILC) is a unique scientific and professional conference that anwsers the need to merge theory and practice with the goal of raising comeptitiveness of all attendees as well as organizer's. PILC Conference is specific for its partnership with he iacocca Institute fromt he Lehigh University that have been involved in its realization from the begining. They provide their top level of expertise and global experience. Official langauges of the Conference are Croatian and English.

PILC is also specific for its dedication to leaders of the modern age – those who wish to share their leadership skills, improve or develop them. PILC has a unique program structure that includes a scientific and a professional part.

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Opatija, Opatija, Croatia


Business, Management

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