Pecha Kucha CPH #28

14 May 2014, KØBENHAVN N, Denmark

Pecha Kucha is Japanese for "chit chat" and assumes that a number of creative participants present their work, ideas and visions.

Christian Gade


Neil Murray


•Intra-cum-entrepreneur • Founder of @sussdit • Mentor at Copenhagen Business School • Copenhagen @silicondrinkabt organiser • •

Harald Krabbe


Rasmus Elm


Vilhelm Vig


emma jorn

emma jorn



Neil Murray

Jesper Vestergaard avatar

Jesper Vestergaard

Co-Founder & Product Manager
Greta Galginaite avatar

Greta Galginaite

Marketing and Management Communication.
Daniel Mierzwinski avatar

Daniel Mierzwinski

Head of Product & Co-Founder
Ida Laude avatar

Ida Laude

Project/Event Manager

Pecha Kucha is Japanese for " chitchat " and assumes that a number of creative participants present their work , ideas and visions in 20 elements that appear in exactly 20 seconds - in all, a presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. An item can be an image, an audio clip , a poem , a performance and the like.
Participants are artists, designers , musicians , architects , entrepreneurs, inventors and others with inspiring projects and ideas. Anything goes as long as it does not exceed the limit of 20 seconds. The tight shape keeps the presentations sharp and also means that interest is sustained by tilhørerne.Den first Pecha Kucha Night was held in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event where young designers could meet, network and show their work in public. Today there will be Pecha Kucha Nights in more than 600 cities worldwide, a huge network of creative inspiration.

Wednesday, May 14 19:30. Doors open at . 19.00 . Location two be announced on May 2 :)

Remember that it is first come first served , so come early .

In the hallway given any amount donated to the friend network - a meeting place for refugees and immigrants .

What is Pecha Kucha ? See more here:

----------- Line up ( in random order ) -----------
Jesper Gaarskjær, Django Press
"Manden der kan huske alt"

Christian Gade

Tobias Brask, Foreningen Fra Bund til Mund
Undervandsfestival på Ærø

Lise Bisballe
Social entreprenørskab i 70'erne

Neil Murray, The Nordic Web
Platform for nordisk teknologi

Harald Krabbe

Daniel Mierzwinski, IDEAID
Non-profit hackathon

Rasmus Elm & Vilhelm Vig, Statslit
Skønlitteratur for DJØF'ere

Emma Jorn

Mads Boserup Lauritsen


About admission donation May 14, 2014 :

" The friend network during actual ( Association for refugee and immigrant women ) , we have many different users. Common to them all is that they are challenged. Some feel lonely , as many of their family and circle of friends living far away ( outside Denmark ) , others are stressed about waiting for residence and others suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
The friend network , we seek to establish a safe and secure community that can accommodate diversity - a room and escape from everyday heavy thoughts. Friend network is not only important in the short term , but we aspire also to accumulate an energy and a surplus that could be contributing in the long run and create a brighter future for them and their descendants.

We have a friend network's steering committee for several years had a burning desire to give our users ' girlfriends ' , an experience in which they , as individuals , are in the center . In addition, we currently an increased focus on the bodily contact and the cultural differences that often occurs when we are talking about the perception of the female body . A large part of our ' friends ' have recently been mothers , and we therefore find it natural with time for some physical self -care. In view of this , we want to raise money for a trip out of the house to Sofiebadet in Christianshavn. Several of our users wearing headscarves and it is hard to find ' baths' deal in Copenhagen, where the exclusive access for women . Furthermore Sofiebadet a place where we could book our own session and share the experience together. We have between 15-20 women attached ( which probably not everyone wants to participate to this) and it usually costs 200 kr per . husband . Between 2000-3000 DKK would thus be enough that this could take place. "

Help us raise money for friend network and take some cool cash with Pecha Kucha Night for .

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