Code-compliant behavior of the industry towards specialist group members and decision-makers in the health

Medical & Health Care, Industrial

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Legal Environment

Relevant self-regulatory organizations and codices

Recent Developments

Risky forms of cooperation

Contract design

Approval requirements

Action for German companies

Specifications, implementation and measures in the company

Practical Workshop: How would you decide? Processing, evaluation and discussion of original cases from the case law of the FSA's arbitration body

The Verbandskodices for cooperation between industrial companies in the pharmaceutical industry with medical institutions and their staff have to raise the goal of ethical behavior in the cooperation with specialist group members and decision-makers in health care and to make cooperation more clear and transparent. The same applies for some time also for cooperation with patient organizations. The field of corruption prevention (Business Compliance) is becoming increasingly important. Grievances is pursued effectively, corruption avoided, are recognized and sanctioned misconduct. , the public confidence in our health care system and in medicines which should be based on the health needs of patients and emerge from a close professional cooperation of the medical profession should continue to be strengthened. Also, countries and continent-across the regulations for pharmaceutical companies increasingly stringent and set (external reviews withstands) targeted internal anti-corruption strategies and measures are ahead. In this practical seminar provides basic information about the legal environment, content, issues and the practical implementation of the requirements in your company. The topic of cooperation between companies, physicians, hospitals and patients' organizations is both theoretically and practically illustrated in the form of examples.

Which tightening of conditions for cooperation arise from current developments?

What are the main problems and how do I minimize the risk in my company?

Which business processes are fundamental to a practical implementation of the collaboration?

What does transparency, disclosure and ethical collaboration for your company?

How would you decide: Processing of the current example cases from practice

From: May 20, 2014 09:30
To: May 20, 2014 17:30

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Medical & Health Care, Industrial


Contract design, Legal Environment, Recent Developments



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