PKM Intro

Introduction to Personal Knowledge Mastery by Harold Jarche

Impact Hub Zagreb, Vlaška 70 E and ONLINE (for Europe and close time zones)
Friday, 31 May 2019 from 9:00 to 13:00 CEST [see in your time zone]

Unexpectedly, Harold Jarche of working in perpetual beta fame visits Zagreb, Croatia and that gives us a chance to offer this last-minute (and low-cost) introductory training for his Personal Knowledge Mastery practical skillset.

Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) is staying afloat in a sea of information buoyed by knowledge networks and guided by communities of practice. PKM is the number one critical skill set for any professional today. PKM is a discipline that benefits both organizations and individuals — learn how to become a knowledge catalyst.

For Organizations

- Faster sharing of knowledge

- Greater potential for innovative ideas

- Increased connections to knowledge outside the organization

For Individuals

- Develop knowledge networks for continuous learning

- Find communities of practice to help make better decisions

- Create a disciplined approach for professional development that reduces cognitive load

More about Personal Knowledge Mastery at PKM Workshop page, or download this presentation (14 slides).

Participating in person

Join us on Friday, 31 May 2019 from 9:00 to 13:00 in Impact Hub Zagreb (Croatia), Vlaška 70 E.

Participating online

ECOLISE Remote Ready is commited to making all our in-person events inclusive for remote participation of people that choose not to travel (to reduce their own environmental footprint) or are not able to travel to the event for whatever reason. If you register to attend online our recommendation is: don't plan to do anything else during that time.

Attending our event remotely is active and immersive learning and network weaving experience that will not be recorded. We provide fully interactive, 2-way video and audio communication between remote participants and participants on site. To include remote participants we use Zoom video conferencing online service -- joining instructions will be shared via email with all that register.

You never used Zoom before or had some trouble last time? To prepare for Zoom video conference that will be comfortable both for you and for others you can check this brief written and video tips.


For any questions please send an email to Nenad Maljković - nenad.maljkovic [at]

31 May 2019
Impact Hub Zagreb, Vlaška ulica 70 E, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia
Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche


Consults with organizations to adapt to the technological, environmental, and economic challenges facing us today by focusing on knowledge-sharing and sensemaking in complexity. More at

Nenad Maljković

Nenad Maljković


Network weaver and social entrepreneur with particular interest in economic and social aspects of permaculture with "Towards regenerative cultures through dialogic collaboration" motto. More at Virtual Teams for Systemic Change.

Remote Ready

Remote Ready


Platform social enterprise offering remote collaboration skillshare with individuals, teams and organisations that are practicing Earth Care, People Care and Future Care while addressing complex global to local challenges. More at

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David Röthler

Project Manager
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Nuno Silva

Educational Activist
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Pierre Houben

Sociocrazia - Facilitazione - Formazione
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Maria Nobre

Associate Professor
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Massimo Curatella

Strategic Designer
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Luis Campo


Viktor Vetturelli

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Dijana Vetturelli

Managing Director

André Gonçalves

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Hrvoje Hlad

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Jasminka Muzinic

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Sanja Petek Mujacic

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Djurdjica Preocanin Korica

HR Consultant

Marijana Janjić


Claudine Villemot-Kienzle

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Mary Lai

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Hannah Eckberg

Aleksandar Lukic

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