Private Executive Leadership Retreat

Developing intelligent leaders, satisfied teams and higher profits. #sensebasedleadership

23-24 Mar 2014 at Justin Trails Resort, Sparta, US


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This retreat is designed for you. A leader who:
- is ready to embrace emotional intelligence and integrate it into their leadership style,
-invests in learning, knowing their teams are their most valuable asset,
-understands the importance of corporate culture and that a satisfied team creates a more successful organization - and a stronger bottom line,
-is inspired by innovative new techniques and tools to use with their teams,
-seeks an inspirational learning environment to take them away from their daily routine,
-is looking for support from peers,
...And doesn't mind a little dog hair on their clothes.

During this private, small-group retreat you will:
-Identify your innate leadership strengths and dig deep into your existing leadership power.
-how using your gut (intuition) makes you a better leader, helps build relationships and allows you to honor yourself in the process.
-Learn how to identify most challenging team member (committee member, client, boss) and how to tap into their uniqueness so your team (group, business relationship, company) can flourish
-Understand how a simple training technique can be used daily in subtle ways to help your team – and your company - reach goals faster and easier.
-Embrace the power of observation by tapping into your innate diagnostic skills.
-Learn to balance your team and enhance the strengths of each member (without them even knowing it).
-Connect with other leaders to further develop your leadership support network.
-Leave more emotionally intelligent so you can build better relationships in all areas of your life – right away.
And play…with the help of dogs.

From: March 23, 2014 10:00
To: March 24, 2014 03:00

Justin Trails Resort, 7452 Kathryn Avenue, 54656, Sparta, US



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