Pump Performance and Reliability

Learn how to reduce operating and maintenance costs by increasing the reliability and performance of the pump

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Pump Performance and Reliability

Pumps are a major capital cost item, are essential to process availability and consume huge amounts of energy. For most companies the costs of owning, operating and maintaining pumps are much higher than they should be. A shortage of knowledge on how to select, specify, install, operate and maintain pumping equipment is the major reason for these high costs.

Equip Global’s 3-day Pump Performance and Reliability is the foremost pump training program focused on teaching you how to prevent pump failure and reduce power consumption, hence improve the overall performance of your Pumps. It combines practicality with theory in such a way that any pump user can prevent pump failure and reduce the cost of pump ownership.

By identifying how to separate symptoms from problems, you will learn how to reduce operating and maintenance costs by increasing the reliability and performance of pumps.

Who Should Attend?

Attendees come from a variety of fields and skill levels including but not limited to:

Maintenance & Operation Engineers

Pump Application Engineers

Rotating Equipment Engineers

Pump Sales Engineers

Project & Construction Engineers

Plant Engineers

Process Engineers & Designers

Mechanical Engineers, Project Engineers

System Designers

Civil Engineers

Specifiers and Purchasers of Pumps

Condition Monitoring Technician

Vibration Specialist

Anyone who needs pump knowledge

Engineering Consultants

By attending this training course, you will gain the following:

Understand how system resistance controls the pump

Learn how to read and use a pump curve

Learn how the flow rate impacts pump reliability

Design better systems and select better pumps, leading to more reliable
Learn when to use Variable Speed and when to use a Control Valve

Understand what happens when you operate pumps in parallel or in series

Understand what cavitation is, why it occurs and how to avoid it

Avoid operational problems that lead to pump failures

Understand the key mechanical construction features that will ensure you
have a reliable pump

Know where to focus on reducing power consumption

Know how pumps should be installed and commissioned Learn why pumps vibrate and why seals and bearings fail

Implement best practice in pump monitoring and maintenance

Get to the root cause of pump failures and solve recurring problems