Python for Scientists and Engineers

Scientists and Engineers with basic knowledge of Python.

5-7 Mar 2015 at Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Internet, Computer Science

Python for Scientists and Engineers 5-7 Mar 2015 Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
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Many problems that scientists and engineers need to solve require some kind of programming. Python is getting increasingly popular among this kind of users. One reason is the relatively little effort compared to the results. For people who only program occasionally Python is also a good choice. Even after a longer time without touching Python source it can still be read and understood with little effort.

IPython is a special implementation of the interactive Python mode. The course presents the basic IPython features of the shell and GUI variant as well as the IPython Notebook. The IPython Notebook runs in the browser. A Notebook can contain markup and graphics in addition to executable code. The course will use the IPython Notebook throughout the course exploring more features along the way.

From: March 05, 2015 00:00
To: March 07, 2015 23:59

Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany


Internet, Computer Science


ipython, linear algebra, numpy



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