Qualcomm Uplinq 2014

Where Mobile Links Up (Qualcomm Developer Conference)

Mobile, Computer Science

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Today, all computing is mobile first and Qualcomm is a mobile native. The Qualcomm Uplinq 2014 Mobile Developers Conference is the education and business conference for developers – from those writing consumer apps, to those needing to optimize their cloud-based services for mobile, to developers at hardware companies who must optimize the software on their devices for the best combination of features, connectivity and battery efficiency.

By attending Uplinq, you’ll get:

a clear window into what’s coming next in wireless

deep insight into Qualcomm and its subsidiaries’ technologies to enhance your products

the opportunity to make connections with potential customers and partners vital to achieving your business goals

The inside track to success.

Attend sessions in four different learning tracks:

Code Labs

Sessions in the Code Labs track are for coders. The content is tech heavy and will provide tutorials and tips & tricks on how to write mobile apps that take advantage of the powerful capabilities found in today’s mobile platforms. Included will deep dives and tutorials on SDKs and tools.

Digital Lifestyle

The digital lifestyle of today’s modern mobile consumer is busy and full of options. This puts companies that develop mobile apps and services under pressure to improve usability and make their offerings stand out from the crowd. Sessions in this track will provide case studies and technical and business content on how to incorporate and combine new capabilities to make your products winners and your business grow.

Software-Hardware Integration

The system design approach is the only way to get the most out of the powerful combination of what today’s mobile hardware can do. Software integration, not just at the OS level, but at the hardware system level, can make a good app great and make a truly great app or service a game changer. In this track, you will learn how you can use the underlying hardware in mobile devices and bring capabilities and efficiencies to your apps and services not otherwise possible.

Mobile Trends

Nothing moves faster than wireless. The Internet of Everything, ubiquitous security concerns, the future of wireless networks, smart cities, automotive, the connected home... There’s a lot happening and it’s always moving. Sessions in this track will give you expert views on these trends, their implications for mobile apps and services and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

Business Insights

The business end of turning your mobile apps and services into a profitable enterprise is vitally important. Best practices and lessons learned in areas that will help you in your everyday business endeavors.

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Mobile, Computer Science


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