R for SAS, SPSS and Stata Users (TRA51)

An Introduction to R for SAS, SPSS, and Stata Users.

Education & Learning, Software

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R is free and powerful software for data analysis and graphics. However, its flexible approach is so different from other software that it can be frustrating to learn. This 8-hour workshop introduces R in a way that takes advantage of what you already know. For many topics we will begin with add-on commands that work similarly to your current software. Then we will cover R’s built-in commands that provide simpler but more flexible output. We will also discuss aspects of R that are likely to trip you up. For example, many R functions let you specify which data set to use in a way that looks identical to SAS, but which differs in a way that is likely to lead you to perplexing error messages.

We will devote most of our time to working through examples that you may run simultaneously on your computer. However, handouts will include each step and its output if you prefer instead just relax and take notes. Most examples come from the books R for SAS and SPSS Users, R for Stata Users, and http://r4stats.com. That makes it easy to review what we did later with full explanations, or to learn more about a particular subject by extending an example which you have already learned.

After each 4-hour session you will receive a set of practice exercises for you to do on your own time, as well as solutions to the problems. The instructor will be available after the workshop via email to address these problems or any other topic in the workshop.

Prerequisites: Attendees should know how to program in SAS, SPSS or Stata and be familiar with basic statistical methods including linear regression and basic analysis of variance.