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Why is Reason Important? Reason (or rationality) is traditionally about how to think properly. It tries to avoid bias and find the truth whether we like that truth or not. It avoids superstition, magical thinking, parochialism, faith, hardheadedness and whim. Reason requires people be open to changing their mind. Reason also rejects the idea that authorities can or should tell us what the truth is. Instead, we should judge ideas ourselves, and based on the content of the idea not the person who said it.

What is ReAsonCon? ReAsonCon is a series of mini conventions celebrating the secular community. We use these gatherings to support and educate local humanist, atheist, agnostic, and free-thinking people and groups within NC. The goal of ReAsonCon organizers is to bring awareness and unity to the secular community.

From: April 25, 2015 08:00
To: April 25, 2015 23:59

Crowne Plaza Hickory, 1385 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd. Se, 28602, Hickory, United States


Religion, Meetings & Events


agnosticism, atheism, freethought, humanism, logic, reason, skepticism




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