Exploring REconomy Ecosystem #3

22 May 2018

Citizen-led economic change.

Time to meet again, REconomistas! ♥ 

What do we mean by ‘enterprising ecosystem’? What kind of institutions, organisations, networks, spaces are important for supporting the new kinds of economic actors, relationships and models we need to transition? How to map what is already in place - functions, niches, relationships? Building networks - how can we build productive relationship? Connect disparate and potential allies? Get beyond the ‘usual suspects'? What is ‘chaordic’ self organising? ‘Leadership in complexity’? 

Join us if you are interested - as practitioner - in these questions and more. Let's explore it together in our interactive workshop co-facilitated by Jay Tompt, REconomy Centre Totnes coordinator and Nenad Maljković, REconomy practitioners Community of Practice coordinator. 

Video conference

  • Video call will be on Zoom and joining instructions will be shared ONE HOUR BEFORE the event with all that register for a free ticket (you can find green Register button above or below). 
  • Please note that our video calls are meant to be shared experience and video will not be recorded. 
  • Instead of attending our event you can choose to follow our online community by clicking on green Follow button above. You will receive invitations to our future events and updates about learning and action opportunities offered by REconomy practitioners community of practice. 


Event time is Tuesday, 22 May 2018 from 17:00 to 19:00 in CEST time zone (UTC+02). To check when event starts in your time zone click HERE and change your location in "Converted Time" top box (if needed), or simply find the city nearest to your location on the list. 

Nenad Maljković avatar

Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
Croatian Permaculture avatar

Croatian Permaculture

Wouter Extercatte avatar

Wouter Extercatte

Grassroots strategist
Sue Hall avatar

Sue Hall

Wes Hinckes avatar

Wes Hinckes

Garsett Larosse avatar

Garsett Larosse

Mark Simmonds avatar

Mark Simmonds

Co-op Development Practitioner
Nina Smolyar avatar

Nina Smolyar

Organizer for systems change, into a thriving world for all of life
Sylvia Holmes avatar

Sylvia Holmes

Volunteer Activist
Mario Yanez avatar

Mario Yanez

Kurt Roskopf avatar

Kurt Roskopf

board member
Missing avatar

Oliver Aurand

Founder at Revlidy

Shelby Lauter

Bernie James avatar

Bernie James

Ana Bezerra avatar

Ana Bezerra

Marissa Mommaerts avatar

Marissa Mommaerts

Dorota Winn avatar

Dorota Winn

Fiber Artist
Mark Juedeman avatar

Mark Juedeman

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