Exploring REconomy Ecosystem #4

19 June 2018

Citizen-led economic change.

Nenad Maljković avatar

Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
Croatian Permaculture avatar

Croatian Permaculture

Anhai Encinas avatar

Anhai Encinas

Wouter Extercatte avatar

Wouter Extercatte

Grassroots strategist
Sue Hall avatar

Sue Hall

Garsett Larosse avatar

Garsett Larosse

Sari Steuber avatar

Sari Steuber

Sara Silva avatar

Sara Silva

Pedro Portela avatar

Pedro Portela

Luisa 691 avatar

Luisa 691

Graphic Recorder

Frédéric HAURAIX

Founder of Lenotec&Co (Technology assistance), BeeNum project (Inclusive digital society solution),Open to opportunities
Don Hall avatar

Don Hall

CultureBanks 431 avatar

CultureBanks 431

Lena Miller avatar

Lena Miller

Activist for Sustainability
Clemence Cocquet avatar

Clemence Cocquet

Missing avatar

Colin Campbell

Executive Director, Assist Social Capital
Missing avatar

Tabitha Ewing

OASIIS Project Coordinator
Missing avatar

Jon Rae

Transformative education for sustainable living
Jean-Paul Grange avatar

Jean-Paul Grange

Sarah Bass avatar

Sarah Bass

Dear REconomistas! ♥ 

This is going to be final in our Exploring REconomy Ecosystem workshop series - please do join if you have attended any of previous sessions or if you have not - no previous experience required! :) 

Questions we are going to explore together this time are: How would you begin implementing REconomy approach in your locality or region? How would you prepare "the soil"? How would you map your social network and why? Can you outline a simple action plan?

Join us if you are interested - as practitioner - in these questions and more. Let's explore it together in our interactive workshop co-facilitated by Jay Tompt, REconomy Centre Totnes coordinator, Pedro Portela, REconomy practitioners community of practice member from Portugal, and Nenad Maljković, REconomy CoP coordinator. 

Video conference

  • Video call will be on Zoom and joining instructions will be shared ONE HOUR BEFORE the event with all that register for a free ticket (you can find green Register button above or below). 
  • Please note that our video calls are meant to be shared experience and video will not be recorded. 
  • Instead of attending our event you can choose to follow our online community by clicking on green Follow button above. You will receive invitations to our future events and updates about learning and action opportunities offered by REconomy practitioners community of practice. 


Event time is Tuesday, 19 June 2018 from 17:00 to 19:00 in CEST time zone (UTC+02). To check when event starts in your time zone click HERE and change your location in "Converted Time" top box (if needed), or simply find the city nearest to your location on the list.

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