Full Circle Leadership

15 November 2018

Citizen-led economic transition.

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Mayel 387


Andra Bria

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Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
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Croatian Permaculture

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Juan del Río

Transition Spain and ECOLISE
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Sue Hall

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Nuno Silva

Educational Activist
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Ben Roberts

Movement Weaver
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Wes Hinckes

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Sara Silva

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Lena Miller

Activist for Sustainability
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Christine Capra

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Vic Desotelle

Supporting Socially Innovative Entrepreneurs, Sustainability Developers, Micro Enterprise Incubation, & Culture Changers
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Mario Yanez

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Alanna Irving

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Melissa Bivar

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Travis Kriplean

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Paul Bishop

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MaRi Eagar

Web3.0|Blockchain|Leadership Development|Strategist
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Gemma Dodds

Political economist

Dear REconomistas ♥

Join us for an interactive workshop about Full Circle Leadership, a framework for understanding project life-cycles in emergent environments and the diverse forms leadership takes in collaborative groups. This will be a 'reverse conference' session, where participants watch a video presentation beforehand, and then participate in interactive exercises, questions, and discussions facilitated by the presenter. 

Alanna Irving developed Full Circle Leadership out of her experience and expertise in leadership without hierarchy. Alanna creates open source software and experiential processes for radical participation in decision-making, cooperatives, financial collaboration, and social change. Her work has included Loomio, Cobudget, Enspiral, Open Collective, and making crypto more accessible. More info at alanna.space.

If you are joining the session, please watch this 15 minute video presentation ahead of time: 

REconomy practitioners can get a special pre-order price on the forthcoming book co-written by Alanna, Better Work Together, to be published in mid-November. More about the book HERE. You can add printed book or ebook to your ticket when registering. We will be in touch shortly with a voucher code to get your book. 

To join this video call, you will need a reasonable internet connection, a webcam, headset and a quiet place to call from. As always, please note that our video calls are meant to be shared experience and will not be recorded


Event time is Thursday, 15 November 2018 from 10:00 to 12:00 in CET time zone (UTC+01). To check when this event starts in your time zone click HERE and change your location in "Converted Time" top box (if needed), or simply find the city nearest to your location on the list.

Video conference 

  • We use Zoom for our video calls. We will email joining instructions ONE HOUR BEFORE the event start to all that register (you can find green Register button above or below). 
  • You never used Zoom before or had some trouble last time? See HERE for brief tips on how to prepare for Zoom video conference that will be comfortable both for you and for others. 

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Alanna Irving

Alanna Irving


Creating values-based, open-source companies and communities — for a radically optimistic future.

Nenad Maljković

Nenad Maljković


Cultural creative, network entrepreneur and permaculture designer with particular interest in social and economic aspects of permaculture, effective collaboration in groups and in virtual teams for systemic change. Champion of permaculture, Transition and Modern Agile principles among activists and entrepreneurs. Enabler of local, bioregional and global high-trust networks for systemic change with "towards regenerative cultures through dialogic collaboration" motto. On "Virtual Teams for Systemic Change"— an online publication I'm curating— I'm promoting skillful remote collaboration between Transitioners from translocal to transnational to global levels of scale. REconomy virtual community of practice network weaver. ECOLISE Council member. In Croatia: co-founder and current coordinator of Transition Hub, Croatian Permaculture Association member, cluster coordinator at Cooperative for Ethical Financing. Rumi translator.

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