Opening Space, Remotely

25 September 2018

Citizen-led economic change.

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Lisette Sutherland

Big Cheese
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Heidi Araya

Speaker, Agile Leader, Systems Thinker. Focus on Distributed Teams and Companies.
Nenad Maljković avatar

Nenad Maljković

Network Weaver
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Croatian Permaculture

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François Knuchel

Organisational Agility Development, FRSA.
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David Röthler

Project Manager
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Wouter Extercatte

Grassroots strategist
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Sue Hall

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Ben Roberts

Movement Weaver
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Ruth Andrade

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Wes Hinckes

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Kate Macdonald

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Fiona Mac

Member Pioneer
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Jean-Paul Grange


Marc Dekens

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Kevin Parcell

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Elena Vassilieva

ICP-ACC®, CSM, CSP, Certified LeSS Practitioner
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Radmila Rakas

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Judy Rees

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Christine Capra


Dear REconomistas! ♥ 

We are continuing with our guest speaker events, this time with Judy Rees, who has been hosting full-video remote Open Space events for the last three years. More about Judy's work HERE.

Her most successful event so far, Metaphorum, brings together about 150 people from the Clean Language community of practice for a 13-hour marathon of conversation, learning and fun. It has now happened three times - and participants report being so enthralled that dogs go unwalked and the kids have to fend for themselves! 

Here's a tongue-in-cheek trailer that gives a taste: 

As our own community of practice considers organising its own online Open Space event, Judy will share what's worked for her, in a lively, interactive meetup. Expect to make surprising connections.

To join in, you will need a reasonable internet connection, a webcam, headset and a quiet place to call from. As always, please note that our video calls are meant to be shared experience and will not be recorded.


Event time is Tuesday, 25 September 2018 from 18:00 to 20:00 in CEST time zone (UTC+02). To check when this event starts in your time zone click HERE and change your location in "Converted Time" top box (if needed), or simply find the city nearest to your location on the list.

Video conference 

  • We use Zoom for our video calls. We will email joining instructions ONE HOUR BEFORE the event start to all that register for a FREE ticket (you can find green Register button above or below). 
  • You never used Zoom before or had some trouble last time? See HERE for some tips on how to prepare for Zoom video conference that will be comfortable both for you and others

Follow us online 

  • Instead of attending this event you can choose to follow our online community by clicking on green Follow online button above. 
  • If you have followed any of our previous events the button reads Following. There is no need to do anything. 
  • You will receive invitations to our future events and updates about learning and action opportunities offered by REconomy practitioners virtual community of practice. Some will be sent manually, some automatically generated by Conferize, our event platform of choice [this website].
Judy Rees

Judy Rees


Transformative remote-team conversations, online facilitation, Clean Language

Nenad Maljković

Nenad Maljković


Cultural creative, network entrepreneur and permaculture designer with particular interest in social and economic aspects of permaculture, effective collaboration in groups and in virtual teams for systemic change. Champion of permaculture, Transition and Modern Agile principles among activists and entrepreneurs. Enabler of local, bioregional and global high-trust networks for systemic change with "towards regenerative cultures through dialogic collaboration" motto. On "Virtual Teams for Systemic Change"— an online publication I'm curating— I'm promoting skillful remote collaboration between Transitioners from translocal to transnational to global levels of scale. REconomy Community of Practice network weaver. ECOLISE Council member. In Croatia: co-founder and current coordinator of Transition Hub, Croatian Permaculture Association member, cluster coordinator at Cooperative for Ethical Financing. Rumi translator.

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