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Combat the techie shortage; save time, cut costs & hire the best; learn how to recruit technical professionals on social media.

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Combat the techie shortage! With 4 job vacancies per 1 developer in the UK, what will you do differently to attract technical talent?

If you rely on agencies, advertising or LinkedIn alone, you will struggle to fill your technical vacancies. And the techie shortage is getting worse.

Book your place and learn the most effective ways to use LinkedIn for technical recruitment and learn how to find your people on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a range of technical sites.

These proven techniques will save your time, reduce your current recruitment spend and ensure your company’s success.

With 4 jobs per techie, it's essential to learn the right way to find, contact & recruit technical talent online and on social.

Finding techies online is easy, the art is getting a response.

Techies are bombarded online so have taken to avoiding recruiters. Relying on agencies, advertising or LinkedIn alone, won’t fill your technical vacancies.

Book your place and learn the most effective ways to use LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a range of technical and niche sites for your recruitment. And, importantly, learn how to improve responsiveness and ease the pain of technical recruitment.

The psyche of techies

- What motivates techies to change jobs

- Why it’s worth wooing social job seekers

- How to use social media the right way, to build trust, stand out and gain

- How to share the information that techies want

- How to improve your chances of a response with the right wording

LinkedIn - though techies are unresponsive on LinkedIn, you can improve
your chances.

- Cost-effectively finding tech & non-tech staff on LinkedIn using targeted

- Effective x-ray searches on Google+ & Bing to improve results.

- Reaching candidates outside of your LinkedIn network

- Creating free talent pools.

- Using Groups effectively.

- Promoting your Employer Brand with your profile and company pages.


- Using Facebook Graph search to locate and contact candidates.

- Recruiting talent with your Facebook page.

- Using Facebook applications to spread the word and monitor your

- Using pay-per-click advertising to create highly-targeted recruitment


- How to add Twitter to your current technical recruitment methods. (For
a preview, download The Essential Guide to Recruiting on Twitter)

- Searching for and recruiting on Twitter.

- Handy tools & apps to save time, promote your jobs & boost your
Employer Brand.


- Learn how to search for and recruit candidates on Google+.

- The benefits of Hangouts for interviews and content creation.

- Tapping into communities and growing your own Google+ community.

The niche…

- How to find candidates on YouTube, Xing, Viadeo, Quora, Pinterest and

- How to recruit techies on sites they are using GitHub, Stackoverflow and

- Some bonus tips & tricks to quickly find people online.

You will be encouraged to participate and use what you’re learning and will receive a detailed training manual for reference and notes.

The workshop runs from 10am – 4pm and includes a 1 hour follow-up one month later to maximise the effectiveness of your training.

These are small group training sessions, secure your place now!

Want the knowledge sooner? Get in touch to arrange a one-to-one.

From: October 16, 2014 09:00
To: October 16, 2014 16:00

O2 Workshop, 229 Tottenham Court Rd, 229 Tottenham Court Rd, London, United Kingdom


Human Resources, Technology


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