Refresh Charleston - July 2014

A series of events for creatives promoting design, innovation and better solutions with short, attention-span friendly talks.

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Our next Refresh Charleston event will be held on July 15 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, and will feature 2 sessions with 2 speakers.

Drop Cloths & High Fives ~ a session with The Color Chemists

The Bee Sting and The Storyteller ~ a session with Jenny Kleiman

Drop Cloths & High Fives: The Colorful Process of Two Commercial

The Color Chemists

Kaitlyn and Sophie are an experienced pair of muralists with a keen eye for
composition and a reputation for crankin’ up the color. An elementary art
teacher and a graphic designer, they take on the name "The Color
Chemists", painting murals ranging from Lowcountry landscapes to
school-spirited typography.

Their endeavor as muralists originally started as a way to make some
extra cash in the summers. They teamed up in 2011 to tackle the bare
walls of an enormous new high school in Walterboro, essentially learning
the ins & outs of the art-form through trial and error. But with each
completed project came more and more word-of-mouth clients, giving
the pair the opportunity to branch out and paint murals for organizations
ranging from restaurants and schools to hair salons and museums.

Meet Kaitlyn and Sophie at our event on July 15, visti their website at, see some of their work on Instagram
(@thecolorchemists), and say hello to them on Twitter

The Bee Sting and the Storyteller

Jenny Kleiman

“Full-time, freelance creative” can sound very threatening. Why would
anyone choose to live job-to-job with no safety net? Ok, say you’re one of
the brave ones who can swallow your fear; then more questions arise. If
you choose to go completely freelance, will your work suffer from taking
any old commission? Will you be forced to produce work for clients that
leave your artistic integrity behind?

These are some of the biggest unknowns that creatives struggle with
daily. Filmmaker, Jenny Kleiman, will provide her insight into navigating
the full-time, freelance creative dilemma and tell a few stories along the

Meet Jenny at our event on July 15, view some of her work on Vimeo, and
say hello to her on Twitter (@limelightlens).

Other Information

This event is proudly hosted by Refresh Charleston, with wonderful
support from Campaign Monitor and Blue Ion. Refreshments will be
available before and during the event.

From: July 15, 2014 18:00
To: July 15, 2014 19:30

Blue Ion, 301 King St, 29401, Charleston, United States


Art, Meetings & Events


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