Responding to Conflict with Confidence, Credibility and Tact

Learn how to develop an effective conflict management strategy in this 60 minute session with Carol Hacker.

Human Resources, Academic

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Unfortunately, as humans we are imperfect communicators and that quality can also generate conflict. Whether conflict is with another employee, vendor or even a customer, it can cause uncomfortable feelings and unforeseen problems if not addressed immediately and effectively. Regardless of your title or position in the business world, if you oversee a team of people or simply interact with others, you undoubtedly encounter inevitable workplace conflict. It may include backstabbing, on-going disagreements and more. Conflict management involves developing confidence and competency.

Join Carol Hacker in this 60 minute audio session to learn the “how tos” for managing conflict and associated emotions. A leader’s roadmap for handling conflict is the core of this conference. Carol offers practical solutions for addressing the day-to-day-conflicts that are inevitable in every organization.

The honeymoon is over. New hires are settling in and conflict is brewing. Or, your current staff is getting agitated because of changes they have been asked to make. Conflict is the result of anxious employees. You’re the manager or supervisor and it’s your job to handle challenging situations before they get out of control. Learn the tips for how to deal with workplace conflict without causing defensiveness, bruising egos, and making matters worse with HR expert Carol Hacker.