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RNA Therapeutics 2015 returns to London, gathering a room full of industry experts to identify the latest advancements.

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RNA Therapeutics 16-17 Feb 2015 London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, United Kingdom
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RNA Therapeutics 2015 returns to London on 16th and 17th February, gathering a room full of scientific pioneers and industry experts to identify the latest advancements, best practice and strategies to maximise return on investment.

Hear case study driven presentations from an array of market leaders such as Roche, CRISPR Therapeutics, Leiden University Medical Centre, MiNa Therapeutics and AstraZeneca, discussing CRIPSPR gene editing technologies, hepatic targeting, viral delivery, the patent application process, RNA splicing, plus much more!


Claude Paul Malvy, Professor, Universite Paris Sud - CONFERENCE CHAIR
Joerg Kaufmann, Chief Scientific Officer, Silence Therapeutics - CONFERENCE CHAIR
Bo Rode Hansen, VP, Drug Discovery and Alliance, Roche
Rodger Novak, CEO, CRISPR Therapeutics
Annemieke Aartsma-Rus, Associate Professor, Leiden University Medical Center
Nagy Habib, Chairman and Co Founder, MiNa Therapeutics
David Blakey, Chief Scientist, AstraZeneca


Take away best practice learning on efficient and targeted efforts to maximise return on investment
Hear key case studies from leading companies and gain the edge in confronting the challenges of oligonucleotide RandD
Discover the latest clinical data in RNAi, ASO and miRNA medicine including the latest RNA activation approaches
Review new conjugate/aptamer/lipid/polymer/nanoparticle delivery systems to enhance the efficacy and bioavailability of compounds
Update on the state of CRISPR technology for therapy
Enhance knowledge on intellectual property issues (IP)

Price: Conference: £1499+vat