Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers in Wisconsin

Get crucial tax strategies you need to lessen sales and use tax liabilities for Wisconsin manufacturers.

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Manufacturers may qualify for numerous exemptions and exclusions from sales and use tax, which may greatly reduce overall costs. Increased interest in sales and use tax collections make it more important than ever for Wisconsin manufacturers to ensure compliance in order to avoid substantial liabilities. Failure to meet all of the documentation requirements may result in the assessment of tax, penalties and interest.

This seminar will contain an in-depth review of sales and use taxes as they apply to manufacturers doing business in Wisconsin, along with many of the common opportunities and pitfalls that frequently surprise businesses operating in the manufacturing industry. Register today to sharpen your skills and learn ways to operate within the rules to reduce sales and use tax liabilities.

Benefits for You

- Discover how to maintain documentation to facilitate audit preparedness

- Determine what is taxable and what is not

- Understand where exemption of production process begins and ends

- Learn when nexus rules apply to manufacturers

Learning Objectives

- You will be able to discuss what's taxable and what's exempt.

- You will be able to review manufacturing issues.

- You will be able to explain county and local taxes.

- You will be able to describe updates of new laws, developments and recent DOR rulings.