Seed Treatments

Gain critcal guidance on this rapidly expanding market and ensure you maximise revenue streams

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Analyse global market trends – who are the biggest players, how big is the market and what are the opportunities for growth?
Enhance your RandD strategies for both chemical and biological seed treatments with industry case studies from ABM and Plant Response Biotech
Assess different formulation types and review the standards for active ingredients and inserts for seed treatments
Ensure targeted seed loading with feedback from Syngenta. Find out which technologies they use to improve processes.
Review dust reduction strategies including the use of polymers, application technologies, formulation techniques and stewardship activities

Topics to be covered include:
An introduction to the seed treatment industry
Seed treatment product updates
Seed treatment vs. standard crop protection products
Strategies to develop chemical and biological seeds treatments
Storage stability challenges and how to deal with these
Formulation case studies for seed treatments
Looking at biological seed treatments and how these are formulated – learning from experiences and trial data from India and Europe
Insight into manufacturing of biologicals and seed treatments
The agronomic importance and value of seed enhancements across crops: The ‘what and why’ of film-coating, pelleting, encrusting, priming and disinfection
Principles and practicalities of seed enhancement: Illustrated survey of the manufacturing ‘how, when, where and who’ - of equipment, materials and other inputs, operational procedures and constraints, process engineering and turnaround times etc
Key quality characteristics of seed enhancements, their measurement and production control
Challenges and opportunities of delivering living micro-organisms by seed inoculation.