Setting Up a Compliance Program That Will Protect and Improve Your Operations

Setting Up a Compliance Program That Will Protect and Improve Your Operations

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Setting Up a Compliance Program That Will Protect and Improve Your Operations 21 Aug 2014 Online
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Overview: Setting up a compliance program that will protect your Operations is absolutely necessary in today's world of Investigative and audit initiatives aimed at health care Providers by government regulators and law enforcement Agencies. There is a world of guidance out there to help providers, but are you willing or able to find it and use it to protect yourself. Just setting up a boiler plate compliance program that looks good and sounds good might not cut it if you fall under attack by the government sharks. What's In Your Compliance Program? What Should Be In Your Compliance Program?

Why should you attend: You should attend if you are concerned about protecting Your operation from actions by the various agencies out there that are looking over your shoulder every day, ready to jump on the opportunity to initiate actions that can seriously hurt your practice or business.

Areas Covered in the Session:
OIG's Seven Guidelines For a An effective Compliance Program
Standing Up To Hungry Enforcers
Effective Compliance Equals Proactive Compliance
Key Ingredients in Active & Proactive Compliance
Overview Of Effective Self-Reviews
Baseline & Focused Reviews
Five Parameters That Must Be In Self-Reviews

Who Will Benefit:
All Health Care Providers, from individual and group
Practices to Institutional Providers

Joseph Batte is president of Kristall Associates, a compliance, and risk assessment specialist for the health care provider community as well as the litigation support community. He is a former special agent with the US Office of Inspector General and participated in the development of that Departments compliance guidance’s. He is a nationally known speaker on compliance and has authored the book "Doctors are from Jupiter, Compliance is from a galaxy far away.

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