SharePoint 2013 - Putting it all together, making it all work

5 Apr 2013 at Citigate Central, Sydney, Australia


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About this event:

“Without Bill Binney, there would be no Edward Snowden,”

quote Edward Snowden.

This talk is about how Louise learned (some of) the social rules of Reddit  in 4 days to build a PR strategy for a documentary. As a result,  we were ranked as one of the most popular Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything!), and inspired articles on mainstream media outlets such as The Independent.

Louise Møhl was working as the local Danish publicist launching the documentary feature 'A Good American' for the world premiere at CPH:DOX Festival 2015.

The protagonist is Bill Binney a former NSA Tech director who was with the NSA for 37 years. Today he is a whistleblower.

Reddit, which is called "the front page of the internet", is a a place where you find the stories that the press publish only the day after. More than 200 million unique visitors surf by each month.

Louise and her team decided to let Bill be the spokesman for the film. And reach their potential audience without the traditional PR filter - instead letting him engage directly with the audience.

This is how Louise and her team navigated the subcultures of online communities and built a PR campaign on a platform that is much feared, and neglected, by traditional marketing.


- One newbie to another: If you also don't know the social rules of Reddit or how it could be used in a promotional strategy you can take away some tips from Louise who had to learn the basics in only 4 days!

- Learn what a Reddit AMA is and why it is so influential. Hear a success testimonial from a case with using Reddit in promoting a documentary film.





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Citigate Central, 2000, Sydney, Australia



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