SMWiCPH: Let's Talk About Social Analytics

Part of Social Media Week Copenhagen 2017

1 Mar 2017 at Bolius Boligejernes Videncenter A/S, København, Danmark

Marketing & PR, Communications

SMWiCPH: Let's Talk About Social Analytics 1 Mar 2017 Bolius Boligejernes Videncenter A/S, København, Danmark
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From: March 01, 2017 16:00
To: March 01, 2017 17:00

Bolius Boligejernes Videncenter A/S, 2 Jarmers Plads, 1551, København, Danmark


Marketing & PR, Communications

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It’s 2017 and we seriously need to talk about social analytics. A lot of marketers don’t know what social analysts really do; others are confused as to whether that role is necessary in the first place. Meanwhile, with the never-ending list of metrics available, some find it hard to focus on the right metrics that actually determine success, while others are mostly confused with the vast array of tools available. Despite these doubts, questions and confusion, social analytics is a topic that rarely gets mentioned at social/marketing events. With that in mind, it’s time we hold a social analytics intervention.


There are four main takeaways:

- In 2017, it’s time you get yourself a social analyst, or be ready to be one: that’s how important social analytics is in the business, and the ones that haven’t caught up on it yet will struggle to get through 2017, especially with the way digital marketing is going to shift in the next 12 months

- Get the right social analytics tool(s): there are so many tools out there – some are great, some are just good, some are just underwhelming, *but throughout it all, even though the perfect tool does not exist, the perfect set of tools that can fit perfectly within anyone’s social requirements definitely exists. You just need to get your requirements in order first (which I’m happy to discuss, as I know that so many marketers leave this job to the vendors who are trying to sell them a tool)

- Just because you have a social media team doesn’t mean that your brand is social – sure, the two are definitely linked, but one doesn’t cause the other.

- Understand what social analysts do: we’re not report-churners, we’re not creators of fancy, colourful graphs and charts – we’re the decision-influencers in

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