Social Media Marketing Forum for Beauty and Fashion

22 May 2014, New York, USA

This forum will provide examples of how fashion/beauty brands utilize social media to reach fans and create interaction and genuine multi-channel communication.


Jenn Rob

Consumer trust and loyalty are crucial components of beauty and fashion marketing. The adoption of social media in the fashion industry has given the average person access to breaking trends at speeds faster than ever before. At the same time consumers feel entitled to have access to new and better products. The internet allows consumers to engage with brands resulting in new, scalable relationships being built on a continuous basis. Brands are utilizing various social media platforms to share exclusive previews and promotions, provide event information, and barter posts in exchange for samples or product previews.

The industry has always been very visual so there is a natural connection with sharing images on platforms such as Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. reports that 79% of beauty brands of are present on Instagram. In a study by eBay Deals, the apparel and fashion industry has an average number of 1,262 Pinterest page followers and accumulates an average of 1.74 million Facebook likes. Also, 5.4% of all pins in January 2014 were related to women's fashion and 7.7% of all Pinterest boards were used to curate women's apparel.

This forum will provide examples of how fashion and beauty brands are able to utilize social media to reach their fans online and create genuine multi-channel communication and interaction with their clients.
We will answer the following questions:
• What types of perks, contents, or discounts should be offered via social media to engage with fans?
• How can brands use geo-location technologies to connect with shoppers at the point of purchase?
• How do brands identify and activate social influencers and advocates?
• How do you identify fashionistas and social shoppers that meet your target customer profile?
• What platforms and technologies are available to help brands listen, measure, and respond to consumers?
• How can brands boost sales through social media marketing?

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