Social Media Masters: Toronto

7 Oct 2011 at St. Andrew’s Club, Toronto, Canada

Communications, Media, Society

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It’s no secret that C-Suite execs in most large businesses have been slow to acknowledge the social economy or to formalize and fund social engagements across their organizations. But the communication tidal wave that is social media cannot be stopped and many business silos have begun their own individual efforts given the lack of executive leadership in this area.

Be it Customer Service Managers scouring Twitter feeds, HR teams monitoring LinkedIn, Marketers advertising in social networks or PR Professionals engaging social influencers, most enterprises are engaged in social relationships through disjointed efforts initiated by the customer or customer-facing departments. Therein lies the challenge for enterprise leaders; and the opportunity if they accept this call to action.

How does the enterprise adapt to the internal communications changes that are pushing it to be more open? More social? The employee’s adoption of social communication does not translate well to the kind of work groups that are formed in most businesses.

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St. Andrew’s Club, 150 King Street W, 27th Floor, Toronto, Canada


Communications, Media, Society


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