SSW 2011 : IC3K 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Web

26-29 Oct 2011 at Senart Campus of Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), Lieusaint, France

Internet, Technology

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During last years, sensors have been increasingly adopted in the context of several disciplines and applications (military, industrial, medical, homeland security, etc.) with the aim of collecting and distributing observations of our world in everyday life. Sensors progressively assumed the critical role of bridges between the real world and information systems, through an always more consolidated and efficient sensor technology that enables advanced heterogeneous sensor grids. Current sensor networks are able to detect and identify simple phenomena or measurements as well as complex events and situations. As imaginable, these sensor networks disseminated everywhere around the world are not connected between them as well as associated information systems are not integrated. This scenario can be summarized as too much data and not enough knowledge.

Sensor Web is commonly defined as: "Web-accessible sensor networks and archived sensor data that can be discovered and accessed using standard protocols and application interfaces". Sensor Web is a progressive concept that, at the moment, is limited mainly by the lack of standardization.

Semantic Sensor Web would be an evolving extension of Sensor Web that introduces a semantic layer in which semantics, or meaning of information are formally defined. Semantics should integrate web-centric standard information infrastructures improving the capabilities of collecting, retrieving, sharing, manipulating and analyzing sensor data (or associate phenomena) as well as potential interoperability between systems through semantic interactions.

The aim of Workshop is promoting an open international discussion between researchers from both academia and industry about Semantic Sensor Web (and related issues) as well as the selection of a restricted number of high-quality selected papers about interest topics.

At the moment topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

› Modeling and Representation of Sensor Knowledge
› Analysis and Modeling of Sensor Domain
› Sensor/Sensor Network Ontology Engineering
› Semantic Sensor Web
› Data Models and Languages for Semantic Sensor Web
› Semantic Sensor Systems and Applications
› Architectures and Middleware for Semantic Sensor Web

From: October 26, 2011 00:00
To: October 29, 2011 23:59

Senart Campus of Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), University PARIS-EST Créteil (UPEC) Campus of Senart-FB Institute of Technology Avenue Pierre Point, 77127, Lieusaint, France


Internet, Technology

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