Startup Weekend Art London

Ever had an idea for improving how we fund, make, share and enjoy art and culture?

Entrepreneurship & Startups, Art

Startup Weekend Art London 3-5 Oct 2014 Wayra, London, United Kingdom
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Welcome to Startup Weekend Art London

Here’s your opportunity to turn your ideas into action in 54 exciting hours. Work with other technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, mobile developers and product experts to build real solutions to the art world's most pressing problems, using technology and business models from other industries to innovate and disrupt the arts world - all in just one weekend.

The first European Startup Weekend Art will be held in London, on the 3rd, 4th and 5th October 2014.

Join a diverse group of people passionate about arts, innovation and making a real impact. Come and pitch your idea or join others to form a team.

Whether you start a new company, meet like-minded individuals or develop new skills, register now for what promises to be an exciting and highly productive weekend.

Art and technology together present a great opportunity to dramatically improve products and services in an industry traditionally low in technological innovation. Take inspiration from technologies and business models that changed adjacent industries forever to create "firsts" in the art industry yourself and develop companies that will go on to become market leaders.

Did you know that in the USA, museums attract more than 850 million visits per year, compared with only 483 million for major league sports and theme parks?

Two thirds of Europeans aged 15 or above enjoy and pay for art experiences, whether performances, exhibition visits or art tours.

The visual arts market is worth a staggering $60.8 billion, yet remains largely untouched by innovation both for consumers and business users.

So, prepare for an epic 54 hours:

Imagine the next generation of audio guides for museums and exhibitions by leveraging technology from the gaming industry such as augmented reality;

Create market places to co-curate exhibitions;

Develop mobile tags to identify fake art works and protect artists creations online and offline

And much more

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We look forward to seeing you at the Startup Weekend Art London in October!