Talk and Meditation - The Source of our Anxiety and Stress

Looking for inner peace and how to be stress-free in the New Year? Then don't miss the opportunity to come to this talk and meditation.

11 Jan 2014 at The Theatres Trust (1st Floor), London, United Kingdom

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Talk and Meditation - The Source of our Anxiety and Stress 11 Jan 2014 The Theatres Trust (1st Floor), London, United Kingdom
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Following on from the recent talk in Central London, this talk and meditation on the 11 January, will give further insight into how to be free from anxiety and stress. The talk will be led by Kadam John McBretney, the Resident Teacher of Heruka KMC in North London.

Talk 1 is on 11 January and is entitled The source of our anxiety and stress. Through Buddha’s wisdom we have the extraordinary opportunity to learn exactly where our anxiety and stress are coming from. With this clear understanding we will learn to tackle our difficult situations in a relaxed and positive way and experience a stress-free life.

Talk 2 is on 18 January and is about Meditation and taking control of our anxiety. Through understanding the purpose and techniques of meditation, and developing the ability to control our mind, we can gain an inner experience of mind that protects us from anxiety throughout our daily lives.

And talk 3 is on 25 January and is called A better world through lightening up our mind. Buddha taught that since everything is created by mind we can improve our self, our lives and our world simply by changing our minds. By applying this wisdom advice whilst carrying our meditation experience into our daily life, we can always experience things in a light and joyful way.

Price: 1 talk: £15, 2 talks: £25, 3 talks: £35

From: January 11, 2014 10:30
To: January 11, 2014 12:30

The Theatres Trust (1st Floor), 22 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0QL, London, United Kingdom


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