Talking Data: Measurement with a message

Talking Data is the Social Impact Analysts Association's (SIAA) fourth international annual conference in Toronto, Canada on November 3rd - 4th.

3-4 Nov 2014 at St. James Cathedral Centre, Toronto, Canada

Social Sciences, Big Ideas/Think

Talking Data: Measurement with a message 3-4 Nov 2014 St. James Cathedral Centre, Toronto, Canada
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The Social Impact Analysts Association's (SIAA) 2014 annual conference, Talking Data: Measurement with a message, will be held in Downtown Toronto on November 3rd - 4th in partnership with Social Asset Measurements and Charity Intelligence Canada. 

Why are we Talking Data?

Collecting data is not enough. Data will not speak for itself. There is always work to be done to ensure that measurements deliver the right message. Whether we are writing social impact reports for our funders, communicating to internal decision makers or telling stories to inspire our stakeholders, how we present the data has a huge effect on how it is interpreted and then used. This is why at SIAA’s annual conference this year we will be talking about data and how we make it speak.

The two day event will bring together professionals working in the field of social impact analysis to participate in two days of workshops, plenaries, interactive activities and networking at an international level. Delegates will have the opportunity to examine how social impact analysts tell stories with data, develop processes and standards for writing social impact reports and be introduced to expertise from across the field so that we can report data in the way that creates the most impact or value.

We will be asking:

How can social impact reports better serve the needs of decision makers? 
What role do impact reports have on public mindset? In what ways can reports nudge investors and donors into more impact focused choices? 
The social impact report: what's in, what's out, and how do we decide?
How do reporting standards differ from measurement standards in terms of risks, benefits, purposes etc.?

**SIAA members are entitled to a $75 discount on their ticket. Contact us at for your discount code.**

For more information visit the Talking Data website at
The Social Impact Analysts Association or SIAA is an international professional body for social impact analysts. SIAA supports and represents its members and the wider social impact analysis field on a global scale. SIAA believes that by building an active international community of social impact analysts social purpose organisations will have access to the support they need to create positive social impact.

From: November 03, 2014 08:00
To: November 04, 2014 16:00

St. James Cathedral Centre, 65 Church Street, M5C 2E9, Toronto, Canada


Social Sciences, Big Ideas/Think

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