A dedicated team on a special mission

Even the best idea will fail without the right people. Everyone on our team is the best at what they do, yet they’re constantly striving to improve. They’re young at heart, hungry and awesome to hang out with. Without them there would be no Conferize. We consider them our heroes.

Martin Ferro-Thomsen

CEO & Founder

Event lover and speaker. Formerly Cofounder of Issuu, the world's leading online publishing platform. Disruption is the sincerest form of affection.

Martin Moen Wulffeld

Lead Developer & Co-founder

Scalability expert, serial entrepreneur. Code style aficionado.

Jesper Vestergaard

Product Director & Co-founder

A decade years of UX design and business dev. Still enjoying it.

Ruben Bjerg Hansen

Chief Design Officer

Formerly Cofounder & CXO of Issuu.

Damian Nicholson

Front end Developer

Front end developer at Conferize. Ruby on Rails tinkerer. Diet Coke drinker. Likes to travel

Rasmus Landgreen


Boater, Yachter, Designer. In that order.

Ruben Fonseca


Random regular ruby on rails and iOS guy.

Daniel Estevez

Front end Developer

Front End Developer at Conferize